Double Counter Docs


Custom Double Counter's behavior!


Double Counter's modes allow it to change its behavior according to your server's state. To define the bot mode, run this command:
dc.settings mode <0/1/2>

Mode 0

Mode 0 is an inactive role for Double Counter: the bot won't do anything when a user joins the server. This is a way to disable it without kicking it, in case of bugs or server maintenance.

Mode 1

This is the default and intended mode for the bot. It will send any member joining your server a verification link and give them the verified role.

Mode 2

Mode 2 gives any joining user the verified role without verification. Useful to temporarily disable protection against alt accounts and proxies without breaking the configuration.
It is not recommended to use modes 0 and 2. If you have to do it, please make sure it is not for long, as you won't be able to distinguish actually verified users from others.


Autoban allows you to automatically ban alt accounts when they try to join your server. You will be notified in your logs channel when it happens. To enable this option, run this command:
dc.settings autoban
This command will open a configuration wizard for autoban.
You must have the manage server (manage_guild) permission to change the settings.

Verification logs

You may want to log all successful attempts as well. By default, Double Counter only logs blocked attempts to use proxies or alts. To enable this option, run this command:
dc.settings logs
This command will open a configuration wizard. As for autoban, you'll need the manage server permission to access it.
This option is useful in the beggining, to ensure the bot works well

Bot language

Double Counter is available in French, English and Italian. To switch, run this command:
dc.settings lang <en/fr/it>
Once you define a language, all messages, private and public, as well as the verification website will be translated for all users in your server. Clean, huh?
You can check all other options by typing: