Pro version

Documentation for the premium version of Double Counter
There are a number of ways to purchase Double Counter Pro. Navigating to App Discovery provides everything you need to know. In your server, you can also check the bot and select Upgrade.

Activating your Pro subscription

Double Counter Pro is now officially available directly through Discord. Upon successful payment, navigate to the Dashboard to activate your new subscription. To activate, click on the button. It's that easy!
Activate Premium

Custom verification message

Custom message
This feature is useful for welcoming and providing verification instructions to your newly joining members. The message will be displayed in the verification message the users receive prior to verifying.
Custom message

Custom log design

Custom log design
Compact provides an aesthetically pleasing text-based log. Detailed provides the same information, built into an embedded message.

Custom timeout

Custom timeout
When this feature is enabled, a custom countdown will start for all users joining your server. By default, this will be 10 minutes. You can increase it up to 60 minutes. As explained in Kick after user times out, users that fail to verify in time will be kicked from your server. This also applies to users that fail verification due to Alt Detection.

Pro Fingerprinting

Pro fingerprinting
This feature is currently under construction and is unavailable. Stay tuned for updates in News.

Context Menus

Context menus
Pro servers (and selected large servers) will also have access to use context menu options as alternatives to /verify and /manverify.

Additional perks

  • All Pro servers are moved at the top of our processing queue, which means they benefit from faster response times.
  • We have a dedicated custom monitoring panel for Pro servers, we will be able to contact you if your server is being raided. We will also help you with the configuration in person if needed. Feel free to open a Premium Support ticket in our server!
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