Double Counter Docs

Pro version

Documentation for the Pro version of Double Counter

Activating your Pro & checking your subscription

Once you've subscribed through FastSpring, you should be given a License Key in a popup. You will also receive a copy of it in your e-mails.
If for some reason you haven't received your license key, open a ticket in our support server and we will sort it out
In any channel in the server you wish to activate, run the following command:
dc.activate <License key>
For example, to activate my Pro on our support server, I would run:
dc.activate 2e30e235-99ce-4c32-86d9-52b97174b081
It's as simple as that! At anytime, you can check your subscription information by running:

Custom verification DM

To custom the verification DM embed, run this command:
dcpro.embed <title/support/image/footer>
Running this command with any parameter will open a wizard with an enable and disable option to check. You can custom the verification embed structure to your liking.
Additionally, you can custom the embed text as follows:
dcpro.custom <Embed text>
Currently, emotes are not supported in the custom DM due to database encoding concerns. Support might be added in future updates.

Custom timeout

Timeout is the delay a user has to verify themselves. By default, the timeout is 1 minute. To edit it, run:
dcpro.timeout <Timeout in minutes>
For example, if you want to allow 5 minutes to users to complete the verification process when joining your server, run:
dcpro.timeout 5

Detailed/compact design & advanced fingerprinting

Double Counter Pro adds a new design mode to the bot. As logs for standard servers are compact and "inline" logs, Pro servers can choose to display them in clean and detailed embeds. To do this, run: detailed
You can switch back to the default compact design by running: compact
If you use detailed mode, you can also enable fingerprinting. This will improve detection by mutualizing data between servers. Activating advanced fingerpriting will also add details to your server alt intrusion logs. To do so, run:
And select the appropriate reaction!

Additional perks

  • All Pro servers are moved at the top of our processing queue, which means they benefit from faster response times
  • We have a dedicated custom monitoring panel for Pro servers, we will be able to contact you if your server is being raided. We will also help you with the configuration in person if needed. Feel free to open a support ticket!