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Additional Commands

Information regarding specific slash commands within your server.

Slash Commands


Providing feedback directly to the Support server. Good or bad, we want to hear from you!
This will send your message directly to the Staff team on the Double Counter Community support server. This is a useful one-way message system to let us know how things are going, notable issues, or overall satisfaction with our service.


This command will sync your servers active slash commands with the most recent slash commands made available.


Using /manverify on a user will bypass their verification process and automatically grant them the verified role.


Creates a button used as an alternative to /verify. Useful for servers that wish to prevent users from spamming commands, or flooding channels.


This will let you know if the bot is online, how many pending verifications are currently in the queue, and current bot latency.


Sends an ephemeral button to the current channel when used by a member of your server. Once they click the button, they will have access to their verification link.
Verification process using the panel button
Users cannot manually start verifications for other users. Attempting to do so will return an ephemeral response letting them know they cannot complete the action. Only users with the Staff Roleare able to use this command.


Contact Us

✉️ Contact Us
Available via the Dashboard (visible in the upper-left hand corner), this system operates similarly to /feedback, using the same one-way message system. If you are needing assistance with something, please open a support ticket on our server.
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